249 Gurkha Signal Squadron was formed on the 29th May 2019 at a formal parade held in Kiwi Barracks, Bulford Camp, Wiltshire.
The 249 squadron designation had been previously used twice.

The number first appeared in September 1959 when the designation Field Signal Squadron (Far East) was redesignated as 249 Signal Squadron (Reserve). Later after a further name change it became 249 Signal Squadron (FARELF).

It remained in the Far East, located at Dover Road in Singapore, under command of HQ Far East Land Forces until it was disbanded on the 17th of March 1971 at a parade in Princess Mary Barracks, Singapore.

So a mere 12 years in existance as 249 Signal Squadron but a reputation as a hard working, hard playing and hard partying squadron was born.


The role of AMF(L) UK Battalion Signal Troop and AMF(L) Force Radio Troop out grew it's original home in 3 Squadron, 30 Signal Regiment at Blandford Camp and 249 Signal Squadron was reformed and brought back into the Corps' orbat in July 1976. It moved to Old Sarum Camp just outside Salisbury.

In March 1979 there was a slight name change and it became 249 Signal Squadron (AMF(L)), this was coupled with a move back to Bulford. It remained there under command of Ace Mobile Force - Land, where it was referred to as the "Artic Warriors", until the 9th of January 2003 when it's disbandment parade took place.

This time 249 Signal Squadron had existed for nearly 27 years and cemented the squadron reputation as a hard working, hard playing and hard partying unit. The title "Artic Warriors" had not been lightly earned.


So the history of a great squadron, in it's two previous guises, is now passed into the safe hands of the soldiers from the brand new 249 Gurkha Signal Squadron. May they go from strength to strength during their continued existence be it short or long.