Published by the Officer Commanding 18 Signal Regiment

Published Fortnightly
Wednesday, 21st August, 1963
Edition No. 83
Relief Signal Unit for Borneo arrives

0730 hrs on Sunday 11 Aug 63 about 70 Officers and men disembarked at Paya Leba airport from the BUA Britannia which had brought them from UK. This was 606 Signal Troop (Borneo) which had been raised in the UK to relieve 249 Signal Squadron of its commitments in Borneo.

The Troop is commanded by Major Pete Ashton who came from the School of Signals at Catterick and the remainder came from a variety of Signal Units in BAOR and UK. Few or them have served in the Far East, before.

The Troop is unused in that it has been formed in UK for its tasks and flown out complete to the Far East. The men came together in Catterick for the first time on Aug 63 and before leaving had little time to get to know each other. The few days before they left were occupied with the rush of preparing for overseas service, getting tropical kit, being inoculated, getting passports and so on.

They have now settled down in Meiktila Barracks with 18 Signal Regiment to train and equip themselves for their task in Borneo. This is a considerable job for a Troop that consist of men who until a couple of weeks ago had never met each other.

The men of the Troop who were posted to it are on a six months tour. Many are married and have left their wives and families behind in UK

We say welcome to 606 Troop and good luck. There are many people here, particularly the wives and families of 249 Squadron who are very glad to see you.