About 26 years ago, more by chance than deliberate design, Graham Jolly and Yvonne Dunbar, ex-wife of Alan Dunbar, got back in touch. She had a few names and addresses and so a contact group was formed and it has, over the following years, expanded until now it has an address list of over 300.

The main driving force behind the original contact list was Graham Jolly who, with the help of John Davis, decided to put a website together. The result is the success we have today.

Graham held the central records and assembled a formidable scrapbook of photographs and other memorabilia which he has, due to ill health, handed over to Jim Clinker.

We all remember, with a certain nostalgia, those halcyon days centred around Calcutta Camp, Meiktila and Princess Mary Barracks in Singapore.

Whatever the reasons - it might have been Tiger Beer, the NAAFI bar, the swimming pool or beach parties, Zam Zam's curry, Abdul's beef stew, Bugis Street, Change Alley or a combination of all these and many others, we do not know.

What is a fact is that this Squadron gave its members some of their fondest memories of their Army careers - both long and short. What is also beyond doubt was the enormous camaraderie that existed at the time, both on and off duty.

It is estimated that, due to the Squadron's comparatively short existence, only about 1,200 persons in total, both Officers and Other Ranks, can claim the rare privilege of being a member of the original 249 Signal Squadron.