The 249 Signal Squadron reformation and reunion will take place on 29th May 2019. Some pertinent information and instructions for those wishing to attend can be found below:  

The reformation parade will be the first event of the day. (It is kindly requested that all those attending the parade are seated no later than 0950hrs)

  Following the parade there will be a buffet lunch.  
Squadron Photograph

The photo will include current serving and veteran members of 249 Sqadron. (This should take place at around 1720hrs)


Following the Sqadron photo there will be a social. A Ghurkha curry will be served and there will also be an awards presentation in the evening. (The buffet lunch and Ghurkha curry will cost £10)


If you wish to attend the 249 Signal Squadron reformation parade and reunion I kindly request that you send me an email with the following information:

  1. Name  
  2. Current/former rank  
  3. Connection to 249 Sqn  
  4. Address (for invitations to be sent to)  
  5. VRN for vehicle you will be arriving in on the day  
  Please email this information to: cameron.docherty104@mod.gov.uk