249 SIGNAL SQUADRON (FARELF) Reunion 2015 - Liverpool

The last reunion had taken place in 2009, after several comments had been posted on the squadron Facebook page and elsewhere in 2014 it was decided that another reunion should take place before more folk 'fell off the perch'.

Eventually Dave Roberts (Charlie [IS] Troop 1969) volunteered to organise a reunion in the City of Liverpool. So with help and support from John Davis (Comcen Troop 1967 - 70) and Eddie "Taff" Jones (HF Troop 1967 - 70) he set out his plans for a get together in 2015.

The reunion was to be held over the weekend 17th - 19th July with the Devonshire House Hotel as the central point of the festivities.


The weather forecast for the weekend was very good and the Friday evening "meet and greet" saw 30 plus ex-members of the squadron renewing old friendships, in most cases friendships forged over 40 years previously.

  The evening continued into the early hours before tiredness overtook everyone and they retired to their beds.  

The following day, Saturday, dawned fair and most of the early arrivals departed the hotel to sample the sights and sounds of Liverpool whilst the rest of the 60 or so expected attendees continued to arrive. Dave and Eddie spent their afternoon setting up the evenings events and checking catering details with the hotel staff.


The evening events were scheduled to start at 7 o'clock and guests had begun arriving at half past six. Once everyone was seated those present were entertained by a slideshow which covered "the 249 years" (1959 to 1971). Photos of various Princess Mary NAAFI socials, Dover Road swimming pool parties and a mixture of military themes from MPC courses, through exercises up country in Malaya and Thailand to operations in Borneo during confrontation. Jim Clinker took some stick from "Buttons" Young because he appeared in more than his fair share of the photographs on display, all given and taken in good spirit as one would expect from squadron members.


Unfortunately, due to the fact that there were three other functions taking place in the hotel that evening, the meal was delayed slightly, not that anyone appeared to notice as the drinks were flowing freely by then and the stories and memories came tumbling out.

  A raffle was held with the proceeds going to the Royal Signals Benevolent Fund and this raised £290.10 (Thanks goes to all those who donated prizes.)  

Finally a toast to Absent Friends was proposed by Ian Penney with special mention being made to Keith Olds who had sadly passed away in December 2014. As on the Friday night the evening continued into the early hours of Sunday.


Overall the consensus was that the weekend had been a resounding success and it was mentioned that another reunion should take place in 2017 if a volunteer could be found to organise it, location to be decided.