Ray flew out to Singapore and joined 249 Signal Squadron in March 1962. (We left in 1965) I flew out to join him with our 6 week old son in April 1962. It was an amazing time and Ray always said that the reason why 249 Signal Squadron was so special was because the right people were in the right place at the right time. We were all like one big family and our friendships have lasted to this day


 Each year the reunion means so much, seeing old friends again and reminiscing it is just wonderful. This year when Ted and Joan Pemberton asked me if I would like to attend the reunion I was unsure as Ray died a year ago on August 24th 2015 and it has been such a traumatic and stressful time for me and all of my family. Then I had the idea to ask my children and their spouses if they would like to come a long with me to meet the remaining veterans of 249 Signal Squadron. They jumped at the chance and were so excited about the prospect of meeting people who had known their Mum and Dad/Mum and Dad in–law when they were just 18 and 21 year olds.

My wish was for them to know and feel the strong bond that we have always had for the 249'ers. I was not disappointed the veterans took to them straight-away and my family took to them as well, they were soon telling some great stories, reminiscing and giving each other E-mail addresses etc.




Isle of Wight Tours and Joan and Ted Pemberton did us proud and we had an amazing time.

The Hotel was ideally situated for the two excursions which we had on the Saturday and Sunday mornings - to Shugborough Hall and The National Memorial Arboretum, both included in the price, it was excellent value for money.

Friday evening was spent greeting old friends and meeting new ones, having dinner and then relaxing with drinks.


On Saturday at 6.30 pm we had a drinks reception where we could partake of red and white wine and this was followed by the Gala dinner which was lovely, with another complimentary glass of wine.

We had a great many raffle prizes, which were all donated by the attendees, and we raised the princely sum of £208 for the Royal Signals Benevolent Fund.

The evening went off with a swing thanks to the wonderful voice of Scott Conrad, a very versatile entertainer who interacted with everyone and made the evening most enjoyable. Everyone was having fun till the early hours.

The whole weekend was a joy and everyone went home not really wanting it to end.


The veterans told my family to be sure to come back next year and they promised to do so. I do hope more people will attend next year as we really did have a wonderful time.

We enjoyed good accommodation, good food and good company. Excellent arrangements and lots of fun and laughter, we could not have asked for more.