As I said last year the 249 Reunions mean so much to so many people and it is just wonderful to get together with everyone to reminisce and have fun. My four children, two daughters in law and one son in law had joined me last year and they enjoyed it so much that they couldn’t wait to go again this year.


We didn’t think this Reunion could be any better than last year but we were wrong. Isle of Wight Tours, Ted and Joan Pemberton and Vanessa looked after us a treat and did us proud once again. Everyone was so relaxed and just set out to enjoy themselves. There was much banter and so many stories told it was hilarious.

My family suggested that we should all wear the same T shirts for dinner on the Friday evening but the question was what could we have written on the back of them? Mick Little came up with the solution - my children and Mick's son would be called 249 SIG SQN BRAT. Sandra Little and I would be BRAT'S MUM and there were BRAT'S WIFE and BRAT'S HUSBAND too. We all went down to dinner together and everyone thought it was a great ice-breaker and started the fun off nicely.


The Kegworth Hotel was situated nicely and was a reasonable venue for most people attending. The two excursions were a very good price, well worth the money and both were a great success.


Saturday saw us treated to a 2 hour cruise on the river Trent. Refreshments, in the form of sandwiches and huge cream cakes, were provided on the trip.

After disembarking we were taken into Nottingham where we, the Drews, chose to go shopping.

There were of course other things to do and sights to see for those so inclined, after all Nottingham is the home of Robin Hood.




On Sunday we went to the National Memorial Arboretum. My family and I went straight to the big Poppy Memorial, because we have a poppy planted in loving memory of my husband Ray.

His poppy had been placed right in the middle at the front and we all agreed it was very apt, as an ex-RSM he would have them all out on parade.

The Arboretum is a beautiful place and the memorials are spectacular, honouring the brave men and women who fought and died for their country. It is all very moving.




On Saturday evening there was a wine reception followed by the Gala dinner. Lots of wine was flowing and everyone looked wonderful in their finery. The meal was very good and the company excellent.

Just as last year a great many raffle prizes had been donated and we were able to raise the fantastic sum of £207 for The Royal Signals' Benevolent Fund.

Once more Scott Conrad provided our entertainment, his wonderful powerful voice was enjoyed immensely. We danced and danced till the early hours and didn’t really want it to end.




On Sunday evening, after the dinner, we held a quiz which went down very well, as did the bottles of wine given as prizes. It was enjoyed so much that it was suggested we have one again next year.


Any one thinking of coming next year I assure you, you will enjoy it. My family and I have a good rapport with all the veterans and we have a ball. Already they can’t wait till next year and what’s more neither can I.

Remember it isn’t the location or venue that makes these reunions so special, it is the unbreakable bond that the we all feel for each other when we get together, that my friends is priceless.