Location Labuan/Singapore  
Strength Officers 5  
  Other Ranks 170  
Establishment FE 1417/5/64 (P&W) (REGT)  
Nominal Roll Officers and WO’s  
  Major JL Donne R Signals  
  Capt RA Burfitt R Signals    
  Lt MJ McCann R Signals  
  Lt EW Penny R Signals  
  Lt JM Scott R Signals  
  WOII (SSM) JL Crane  
New Arrivals Officers  
  Capt RA Burfitt R Signals  
  Lt EW Penny R Signals  
Departures Officers  
  Maj JR Clarke R NZ Signals  
  Capt KH Olds R Signals  
  Capt KA Reggler R Signals  
  Capt GW Tacey R Signals  
Visits 5th March 64  

The Squadron was visited by Major General PM Hunt DSO OBE, General Officer Commanding 17 Division. After a short talk with the OC Major JR Clarke R NZ Signals the General inspected the Squadron on parade with it’s vehicles and equipment. Major General Hunt then inspected the stores and after a brief talk with the Troop Officers left for 1/2 Gurkha Rifles.  

Exercises Exercise AIR BOON CHOO  

A SEATO exercise held from the 27 Mar to 4 May 64. ASSU Troop was the only troop from this Squadron to take part. The main signal unit on the exercise was the 999 Signal Company, Okinawa and from all accounts Anglo/American relationships were of a high level. A highly successful exercise with excellent communications throughout.  

  Exercise MAY BUG  

A 28 (Commonwealth) Bde exercise held from 1 to 12 June 64. Again ASSU Troop was the only troop affected by this exercise. Providing the normal GLO and TAR net.  

  Exercise BIG WHEEL  
  Held in mid Malaya this was an exercise with ASSU Troop assisting the QRIH.  
  Exercise RAVEN  

A 28 (Commonwealth) Bde exercise in North Malaya with elements of ASSU Troop and RR Troop taking part. The exercise was held from 9 to 26 July 64. A successful exercise.


Apart from the above exercises the Squadron took part in a series of GASCONEX/JCCOMEX inter-service exercises.  The most interesting of these being a long haul exercise to HMS Victorious on her way to Australia. On this occasion we worked 2400 miles D11 voice and 2400 miles C11 CW.  


In Labuan the Squadron established and wired the Comcen and re-engineered the RR circuit between BRUNEI/LABUAN, we also assisted 606 Signal Troop in the move from Brunei to Labuan and in setting up COMLANDBOR HQ.  

Equipments (a) CST 1+4 No 3  
  First used by this unit on Exercise Raven. A simple equipment to operate and reliable  
  (b) Mast Telescopic 27'  

Deployed by ASSU Troop to elevate SR A43 aerials over rubber trees, produced satisfactory contact with strike aircraft despite loss of RF in co-axial.  

Vehicles C41/R222 in 3/4 ton land rover  
  Separate description being sent to School of Signals.  
(a) Representative Sport Soccer  
  LCpl YOUNG - represented the Army and Interservice.  
  LCpl ABBOT - represented the Army  
  Cpl KINSEY - represented the Army  
  (b) Trophies The Squadron won the following:-  
  Softball - Swimming - Boxing