Location Singapore  
Strength a Officers 15  

Including 646 Signal Troop, 649 Signal Troop (Bangkok) and Royal Signals Detachment (Brunei)

  b R&F (R Sigs) 245  
  c R&F (Attached) 8  
Establishments a 249 Signal Squadron FE/(Regt)  
  b 646 Signal Troop V111/1832/1(P&W)  
  c 649 Signal Troop N/A  
Nominal Role a Officers  b Warrant Officers  
  Major KH OLDS Royal Signals  WO I (FofS) EE NUGENT (646)  
  Major (QM) TP CANHAM  Royal Signals WO II (FofS) AGM BUCKLAND (646)  
  Major JR HALL, ERD  Royal Signals WO II (YofS) DEP COX (Brunei)  
  Captain KP BURKE Royal Signals (646)  WO II (SSM) PA DEAN  
  Captain DT BURTON  Royal Signals WO II (SSM) W FORREST (649)  
  Captain KG DOYLE Royal Signals (649) WO II (RQMS) PW TODD BEM  
  Captain (TOT) JR JENKINS Royal Signals A/WO II (YofS) MC O'DONAGHUE  
  T/Captain AMP HOWIE, BEM Royal Signals  
  Lieutenant NA HORLER  Royal Signals  
  Lieutenant CW COLLIER  Royal Signals  
  Lieutenant TA WOODHOUSE Royal Signals  
  Lieutenant DW MOIR  Royal Signals  
Arrivals a Officers  b Warrant Officers  
  Major (QM) TP CANHAM  Royal Signals WO I (FofS) EE NUGENT (646)  
  Captain KP BURKE Royal Signals WO II (FofS) AGM BUCKLAND (646)  
  Captain DT BURTON  Royal Signals WO II (YofS) DEP COX (Brunei)  
  Captain KG DOYLE Royal Signals WO II (SSM) PA DEAN  
  Captain DJ HENNING  Royal Signals WO II (SSM) W FORREST (649)  
  Captain (TOT) JR JENKINS Royal Signals WO II (RQMS) PW TODD BEM  
  Lieutenant NA HORLER  Royal Signals A/WO II (YofS) MC O'DONAGHUE  
  Lieutenant DW MOIR  Royal Signals  
  Lieutenant PA NEALE  Royal Signals  
  Lieutenant TA WOODHOUSE Royal Signals  
Departures a Officers  b Warrant Officers  
  Captain BA BLACKWELL Royal Signals WO I (FofS) PJ SWABY (646)  
  Captain WEA EDMONDS Royal Signals WO II (RQMS) B FISHER  
  Captain DJ HENNING Royal Signals WO II (YofS) MacPHERSON  
  Captain (QM) RG KNIGHT  Royal Signals WO II (SSM) ETA WEBSTER  
  Captain TD MacFARLANE Royal Signals  
  Captain MA ORWIN  Royal Signals  
  Captain GC SAUNDERS Royal Signals  
  Captain JF STORR  Royal Signals  
  Captain  EC VULLIAMY Royal Signals (646)  
  Lieutenant DJ CASE  Royal Signals  
  Lieutenant CJ DAKIN  Royal Signals  
  Lieutenant PA NEALE  Royal Signals  
  Lieutenant WM TAYLOR Royal Signals  
  2/Lieutenant GR BELL  R Australian Signals  
Detachments Lieutenant TA WOODHOUSE Royal Signals

2 Signal Regiment (Aust) From 2nd September 1968 to 26th February 1969

Visits 30th August 1968  
  Major General MS HANCOCK MBE, New Chief of Staff HQ FARELF  
  29th October 1968  
  Mr J. MORRIS MP, Minister of Defence for Equipment  
  18th December 1968  
  Air Vice Marshal A. FODEN, CB, CBE, ACDS (Signals)  
  29th January 1969  

By Brigadier AE HOLT (BGS HQ FARELF) and a party of Senior Staff Officers HQ FARELF

Inspection 30th January 1969  

The Annual Inspection by Colonel JV Buckmaster Provost Marshall HQ FARELF

Reorganization 1st January 1969  

The Squadron reorganized (internally) in preparation for a change in establishment on 1st April 1969. A Diagram showing the new organization is attached at Annexe A to this record

Disbandment Royal Signals Air Troop 249 Signal Squadron  

The Troop disbanded on 1st April 1969, having served as an integral part of the Squadron for two and a half years. Although the Sioux aircraft was too light a helicopter to tackle all the tasks set (the limitations were on endurance and payload), much valuable work was carried out for the Squadron.
An Air Troop gives a Signals' Commander the flexibility and choice of options lacking at present. The added advantage of having Royal Signals officers flying the machines saves much time in recce and trouble shooting.

Sporting Achievements a Formation Level   
  Army (Singapore) Squash Champions  
  Minor Units Athletics Champions  
  Minor Units Cross Country Champions  
  Minor Units. Shooting (Section Cup) Champions  
  b Regimental (18 Signal Regiment)  
  Inter Squadron Swimming  1st  
  Inter Squadron Soccer 1st  
  Inter Squadron Hockey  1st  
  Inter Squadron Athletics  1st  
  Inter Squadron Boxing  1st  
  c Individual Achievements  
  Squash - Captain Storr - Army Champion 1968  
  Cross Country - Cpl Dring - Singapore (Army) Champion 1968 - 1969  
  Boxing - LCpl Garrigan - Army Light Heavy Champion 1968 - 1969  
Annexe B to 249 Signal Squadron Historical Record 1 APRIL 68 to 31 MARCH 69
Exercise PICOT

An FMA Exercise which took place in North Malaya. The Squadron provided support communications at the FMA, Airhead and Port. The whole Squadron, less Air Support Troop, were deployed during the exercise.

Exercise LATH (June/July 1968)

A joint Force Headquarters exercise (one star) held in the MARANG area of West Malaya. The Squadron was deployed in support of 17 Division and 99 Brigade. The following communications were provided: -

a) Theatre Rear Link - 646 Signal Troop
b) GLO and FAC comms - Air Support Troop
c) Control and JFHQ Airhead comms - Radio Relay Troop
d) Airhead Comcen/SDS - Comcen Troop
e) HF Rear link to Singapore - HF Troop

The main Singapore Base IS exercise. The Squadron provided 8 x C11/C11 detachments from Air Support Troop for HF Admin Net Communications.

Exercise SHANGRILA (August 1968)
The Squadron annual jungle training exercise held in the Cameron Highlands of Central Malaya.
Exercise CORAL SANDS (September/October 1968)

A joint Force Headquarters exercise involving British, Australian, New Zealand and United States forces held in the Soloman and Coral Seas and in the Shoalwater Bay area of Queensland. The following Communications were provided:-

a) Force Rear Link (to Melbourne) - 646 Signal Troop
b) GHO/TAC HF - Radio Relay Troop
c) RAF Admin Link - Air Support Troop
d) Comcen/Exchange/Ships' Operators - Comcen Troop
Exercise EXOTIC (September/November 1968)

An SAS patrol exercise in the GRIK area of North Central Malaya. The Squadron provided rear link communications to RAAF Butterworth using C11/C11 detachments.

Exercise TEACH US (November 1968)

A Squadron exercise to practice long hand secure HF Teleprinter circuits (D13/R234) in conjunction with local continuation of the circuit over Radio Relay (C41/R222).

Exercise ACHILLES HANDICAP (November 1968)

A Singapore District Officers promotion examination exercise held on the Colombo Heath Training Area. The Squadron provided an Infantry company at full strength, in a defence setting.

Exercise CALTROP 5 (December 1968)

A Joint Warfare Board/HQ FEAF exercise in the ASAHAN area of South Malaya. The Squadron provided two secure teleprinter links and one speech channel over Radio Relay from Asahan - Butterworth and Asahan - RAF Tengah using Mount Orpher as the relay site.

Exercise VITI LEVU (November/December 1968)

An Infantry company training exercise which was held in Fiji. The Squadron provided a secure teleprinter rear link to Singapore and practised DCN working into Melbourne.

Exercise CHRISTMAS OUTING (December 1968)
A Squadron Jungle Training exercise held in the MERSING area of East Malaya.
Exercise LAST KNIGHT (February 1969)

A full Squadron communications and deployment exercise held in the TITI and MERSING areas. All aspects of Squadron communication practised throughout the exercise.

Exercise CROWNING GLORY (February/March 1969)

A Joint Force Headquarters exercise (two star) held in the GEMAS area of central Malaya. The Squadron was fully deployed and provided the following communication:-

a) FHQ Rear Link (Seremban - Singapore) - D13/R234
b) Airhead Comcen /SDS/Exchange - Comcen Troop
c) JFHQ Comcen Elms - Comcen Troop
d) FHQ Control Link - Radio Relay Troop
e) Control Command HF - Light Radio Troop
f) GLO/FAC Detachments - Light Radio Troop
FAC/GLO/Tac R Training

The C11/C11/C42/A43 detachments from Light Radio Troop have been continuously deployed throughout the year in Malaya and Hong Kong providing FAC/GLO/Tac R communications.


Regular monthly tests to Melbourne began in February 1969 and are to continue throughout the year. Results so far most encouraging.