The following pages are not for the faint hearted, showing as they do the changes that have overtaken the various brave souls who appear. The years, in many cases, have not been kind - glasses required, waists thickened and hair either gone, going or grey. Sadly we are no longer the young gods who bestrode the Far East so long ago.


There are others however who seem to have weathered the passing years rather better and who have barely changed. What is their secret? Did they drink less Tiger Beer or other alcholic beverages? Did they stay in the shade more to protect their delicate skin? Or have they signed a pact with the Prince of Darkness and have a portrait in their attic which ages instead?


Gentlemen and ladies on the contact lists please feel free to humiliate yourself by sending in your very own THEN and NOW photographs. Come on, you have nothing to lose but your dignity.

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