Diving Board.

During the long days spent at the swimming pool a certain escapade evolved - prompted by boredom and a large intake of Tiger.

The scene is set thus - one guy lays flat out, face down on the top Board (about 3 metres), he then dangles his arms over each side of the board. Another worthy then leaps from the side, locks wrists with the "boardman" and hangs there. What happens then is that other chaps leap out to clasp the "dangler". The idea being to get as many on as possible before the wristlock gives way. I believe the record was 4.

On this particular day a chap called Roger S decided he was going to be the "dangler". Roger however was as thin as a racing snake, coupled with this was the fact that he had just climbed out of the pool and was dripping wet. However he made the leap successfully, adjusted his grip and hung there ready for his first passenger. This was duly supplied when someone flew out and clasped Roger like an octopus in the mating season - sadly to no avail as he just slid down like he was on a greasy pole, as he slid he took Roger's bathing trunks with him. There hung poor Roger, naked as a babe, with the whole pool in uproar.

The chap on the board not being able to see and thinking the cheering was for encouragement held on with a deathgrip to Roger. He had to hang there exposing his jewels for a good 15 seconds before he was able to shake himself free and gain the sanctity of the water. Never did it again tho'! (With thanks to Graham Jolly)