We were travelling up country in a 4 tonner when it broke down in a monsoon. I can't remember anyone calling for recovery but obviously someone from the management must have done so.

While we were sat waiting an Iban tribesman turned up at the tailboard of the wagon and invited us all to his kampong where he was the headman. We were ushered into the longhouse and he got the women to preparee a mea for usl.

After the meal the chief muttered something in Malay to the interpreter who was with us and the conversation grew quite excited. Shortly he was asked what was going on. It turned out that "Our Chief", a sergeant, had been invited to have carnal knowledge of the Iban chief's daughter in order to cement Malay/British relations.

Obviously, our sergeant refused, as did I and the rest of the British contingent. The interpreter, however, said "Well someone has to do it otherwise we will bring shame on the village, I suppose it will have to be me."

The daughter had the first "bed" on the right side of the longhouse and the two of them got down and dirty in front of us and the whole population of the longhouse. On completion of his duty he was applauded by one and all for his performance and British steadfastness was maintained.....(With thanks to Dave Roberts)