The Chit.

Although not Tiger related in the strictest sense this tale is included as an example of the fallout that occurred as a consequence of "Burning the Boots."

On one of the many show parades which we were subjected too, during our period of incarceration, a certain signalman was being given the third degree by RSM Currie. He was receiving a full verbal hair-drier treatment from a range of approximately six inches.

Signalman Jack "Geordie" Ridley, for that was his name, did the only thing possible under such stressful circumstances - he burst into floods of tears.

The RSM, who no doubt had been expecting either indifference or defiance, was quite taken aback. He ordered a still sobbing Jack to be escorted across to the Medical Centre for an examination by the MO.

As a result of the incident and the apparent distress caused to our hero, a rather sympathetic Medical Officer issued him with a priceless piece of paper (Tongue in cheek, I know not even to this day.) - A chitty, stamped with official stamps, signed with several signatures and inscribed "Excused Being Shouted At." What thoughts went through the RSM's mind when confronted with the chit we will never know but Jack had played a blinder.

I was a close associate of Jack Ridley and never truly discovered whether his tears were real or faked but I do know he carried his priceless chitty everywhere until it became quite tattered and dog-eared.

As for the MO: A really soft touch?; A man with a great sense of humour?; Or just a decent sort who in his own little way reacted against the silly treatment we were going through? - I'll let you be the judge of that. (John Davis)